Oceans 11 Part 2 – Electric Boogaloo

Holograms?  Break dancing Frenchman? 

Had I known this movie would have cheese, I would have taken a Lactaid.  Lactose intolerant people bewared!  In all seriousness, these were the only two major areas of cheese.  Ok, well, the whole Julia Roberts / Bruce Willis thing was quite Velveeta.  But the rest of the movie was quite entertaining.  Soderbergh even had the uncharacteristic kindness to use background music/noise in several scenes.  Scenes which otherwise would have left an otherwise uncomfortable silence (see The Limey for example).  I guess I liked it, but not as much as the first.  Stylistically (if that’s a word), this movie looked great and the naturalness/improvisation of the dialog was entertaining.  But a break dancing French guy?  Goddammit, that ruined it for me.  How can a guy, a FRENCH guy, come up with a break dancing routine so flawless that it could defeat a bunch of "random" security lasers?  Flashing back to 1983, and this would have even put Cooley Jackson to shame. 

God bless the French.  Viva la Solid Gold!

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