At work today, we were posed with an interesting conundrum: would a whole-assed implementation be better or worse than a half-assed implementation?  One would think that perhaps if the whole ass was used, it should be better.  However, wouldn’t that result in something that has more ass?  I’m sorry, but if there’s something that I need to deal with that’s ass, I’d much prefer just half the ass (ideally I’d prefer none at all).

So whole-assed or half-assed: which is better?

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1 Response to Half-assed

  1. Paul says:

    Surely you took into account the actual size of the ass. I mean, how are you going to evaluate the worth of half of something large to the whole of something small?You need to create an ass metrics program in order to be sure half, whole, or otherwise.While at the Vancouver Aquarium we learned that Sea Otters have over a million hairs per square inch and this keeps them (ass included) warm and prevents their skin from ever getting wet… you might determine if hair density influences the ass quantity decision.

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