SIFF Weeks 2 and 3: A Few Months Belated

So I actuallly typed this up last week, only to get it deleted by a fabulous bug in the IE7 build that I’m using on my swanky new Windows Vista build.  Thanks IE!  Not like it would have made this any less belated.  Oh and as extra treat, I updated my Recent Movies list (to your left, stupid).   Without further ado, here are my lame ass comments for the rest of the movies we saw at SIFF this year:
Adam and Steve:   Romantic comedy?  Gay romantic comedy?  Gay romantic comedy involving diarrhea?  How could you go wrong?  This was suprisingly a really funny and well put together film.  They did a great job in packing this film from end to end with tons of laugh out loud jokes, and a couple of puke out loud jokes (I refer once again to the diarrhea, of course).  Shouldn’t this have been called "Adam and Steven" ?
The Gits  Pretty good documentary on the band and the tragic circumstances of Mia Zapata.  I appreciated the fact that they did focus a good chunk of time on the band’s history and not just on the tragedy.  Great music, great shots, great interviews.
Rice Rhapsody:   Romantic comedy?  Gay romantic comedy?  Gay romantic comedy with Yan Can Cook?  How can you go wrong?  This was cute, but a little slow.  Set in Singapore, a single mother of three boys, two of which are gay, tries to "save" her remaining son by hooking him up with a hot French exchange student.  You guessed it — it didn’t pan out.  It was interesting to see this subject from the Chinese point of view.  Good, not great.
The Thing About My Folks:   Paul Reiser did a pretty job writing this and at it’s essence is a good story.  But c’mon — there’s only so much you can do with a story that’s basicallly, "How I spent my week with Columbo.
Drive Well, Sleep Carefully:   As far documentaries go, this one sucked balls.  As far as 90min videos go, this one rocked.  This movie told me absolutely nothing about the band except for that they sound really damn good at shows.  There was no depth, no drama/conflict, no history — it was boring.  Maybe in that sense, this was a pretty accurate dcomentary on the band then.  If you want to learn about the band, don’t bother with this movie.  If you want to hear some really fantastic music, then definitely pick this up (or burn a CD of just the soundtrack).
Max & Grace  Remind not to watch any movie that’s labelled a romantic comedy that involves suicide, or involves David Krumholtz.  If for some stupid reason you decide to watch this movie, then make sure you don’t have any sharp objects on your person — you will slit your wrists.  This movie sucked ass.
Her Minor Thing:   Estella Warren – hot.  Rachel Dratch – funny.  This movie – blah.  I think this movie would have a lot more enjoyable if it didn’t sound like they used a friggin cell phone to record the sound.  It was incredibly inaudible and edited like it was from a retarded crack addict.  The premise of this movie was that the hot main character is still a virgin and gets outed on TV from her asshole boyfriend.  So basically the casting decision immediately made this story completely implausible.  Nice work guys.  
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