Finally — A Decent Movie!!

Serenity:   At last, a movie that didn’t suck donkey balls!  I only saw the pilot episode of Firefly, and like pretty much any other TV pilot, it was really damn boring.  Great special effects for a TV show, but bo-ring.  This movie — not nearly as boring.  And suprisingly, that ass clown David Krumholtz was in it and I *still* liked it.  That tells you something.  As far as movies go, the effects could have been a bit better and more polished, though they were still waaay better than that garbage we saw in Star Wars earlier this year.  The camera work was pretty well done, too.  Like the series, the camera seems to float around as if it were all done in one take with few cut shots.  Overall, fine entertaining movie.  Why not an extra angry face?  I still can’t understand the premise of a western in space.  And at the end, knowing full well that the psycho bitch could take down a huge group of thugs, why didn’t they just send her into the crowd at the end to go ape shit on them in the first place?  And how the hell did they all get shot and ambushed if she’s psychic?  Hmmm?  Ponder that, bitch.
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