And the Hits Keep Coming (Not)

More great movies to make me want to take a hammer to my skull:
Sahara:   Ok, I guess I should preface this with "SPOILER WARNING," but c’mon, seriously.  Here’s the premise of the story, and see if you can figure out why I gave this score.  Ok, ready? 
Premise: Two "treasure hunters" are on the hunt for a Civil War ship in Africa.  They hook up with a saucy World Health Organization doctor and track a strange epidemic illness to an evil guy in the Sahara.  And then they find said Civil War ship in the middle of the Sahara.
Ok, now read that last sentence again.
Sin City:   I went into this thinking that the cartoony CG would suck hard like Sky Captain, but Frank Miller did a good job keeping it faithful to his graphic novels.  Unfortunatly, the acting and script looked like it was done by a bunch of Remedial English eight graders putting on a play.  And even though the CG cars looked stupid and cartoony, this movie’s special effects *still* be the crap out of Star Wars Episode III.  Yes, I’m still bitter.
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