Tribeca Film Festival

For this installment of my nigh bi-annual blog entry, I bring you the reviews of the 4 movies we had time to go watch at the Tribeca Film Festival.  I have to say that when compared to the Seattle Film Festival, Tribeca was somewhat of a let down.  Let me start by saying that it was a bit disappointing to crack open the film festival guide and see movies like RV on the docket.  Also, it would have been nice to have the movies in Tribeca and not on the upper westside.  On the plus side, it was nice that 3 out of 4 movies had the directors there.  We got to hear from Al Franken, Sidney Pollack, and some other dude.  Oh well, here’s what we saw:
One Last Thing:
The story was cute — you know in that sort of "7th grade English class assignment" sort of way.  I kept imagining the writer(s) writing parts repeatedly saying, "aww dude, that would be awesome."
Al Franken: God Spoke:
This was a pretty funny political vehicle for Mr. Franken.  Incredibly unbalanced, but damn it was a really good time. 
Sketches of Frank Gehry:
Really interesting content.  Horribly shot.  You would think that an incredibly successful director like Pollack would know how to hold a camera — or at least buy a damn camera that’s more than $200.  Sidney, baby, next time splurge for the extra $1000 and go HD, and stop zooming in so god damn close.  You can’t tell me that he couldn’t afford it.
Five Fingers:
Horrible acting, horrible writing, and accents that made Kevin Kostner’s rendition of Robin Hood sound more accurate than the crap Fishburne and Phillippe made us listen to.  The only interesting bits of the movie were when he got his fingers chopped off — curiously they chose to use a different tool for each finger.
Will I do Tribeca again?  Sure — I’m a sucker for movies.  But I think I’ll need to take a few days off and do a movie marathon.  Maybe that way I can see a movie somewhere south of Penn Station.
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