More Movie Fun

Things have been very busy with our new house and (pseudo) new jobs, so our movie throughput has been stymied.  This is not a good excuse for the reason for me not posting anything new.  But for the two of you that actually read this site (and I’m sure one of you got here by clicking on something accidentally), here’s my take on a few of the gems we’ve seen in the last few months:
Superman Returns:
Super-boring.  The intent and special effects were great, but the execution was lacking.
The Devil Wears Prada:
Surprisingly good movie.  I never read the book (cuz frankly if you know me (and that’s the other person who actually reads this site) you’ll know that don’t ever actually read) but I can see how this was a best seller.  The story was a little eerily close to Princess Diaries.  Though I must say, with this movie I felt a little less creepy seeing Anne Hathaway transition into hotness.
The Girl in the Cafe:
Quite slow, but a good story and nicely done.  The relationship between the geezer and the young’in was a bit creepy, ok, it was really creepy.  But the story was cute.
V for Vendetta:
This was good!  Very slick and true to the graphic novel.  I appreciate that they never actually showed V’s face.
OK, this was a good movie.  But Gwyneth as a math genious?  C’Mon.
Pretty slow.  The story was really good, but at times I felt that it would be more interesting to get my own fingernails pulled out.
The World’s Fastest Indian:
That old fart was one crazy ass mofo.  Good on him.
Ice Princess:
Good lord, kill me now.  I felt that it would be more interesting to get my own fingernails pulled out.  It was like a really really really bad Bend it Like Beckham with completely uninteresting people.
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