Purging the Netflix Queue

We’re on the cusp of finishing Alias: Season 1.  I can’t believe that I never saw this show when it was actually on the tele, cuz it rocks.  Though I am starting to get sick of the flip-flopping.  Every other episode the reporter flips between, "I need to find more details on Danny’s death," and "I can’t possibly find more details on Danny’s death cuz it will hurt Sidney."  And of course Sidney flip flops between, "Dad, you’re a horrible evil person," and "Dad, you’re the sweetest patriot."  My mother!  My sister!  Oh well, we’re on the last disk so I can’t wait to see what wacky hijinx Sidney gets herself into this time.  But prior to the Aliasapalooza, we did manage to sneak in one gem and whole lotta ultra horrible movies:
Adam’s Rib: 
This film was actually quite fantastic.  Great acting and chemistry, and quite progressive given the time it was made.
House of Wax:
This movie was so bad, we actually got bored after 20 minutes.  If you have to wait 20 minutes for a scary movie to get scary (which by the way, was nearly 35% of the movie), there’s something wrong.  Oh, and Paris Hilton is in this movie — do I need to say more?
Boring.  Predictable.  I would have preferred a lump of coal.
Man of the House: 
Just the premise of having Tommy Lee Jones in a comedy involving cheerleaders should say enough for you.
Back in the Day: n/a
Worst. Movie. Ever.  So bad, it doesn’t justify an emoticon.  It’s not even in the category of "so bad you must rent it."  No — do not rent this.
XXX: State of the Union:
This was actually my worst.movie.ever. until I saw Back in the Day.  The first XXX was entertaining and had a half-decent plot.  This movie was horrible and had a half-ass plot.  The fact that they had pictures of Ice Cube from his NWA days did merit an emoticon.  But consider that merciful on my part.  "Straight outta Shithole, crazy f**kin movie called XXX…"
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