Sofie’s Bad Choice

Our movie consumption has slowed to a crawl lately.  It’s not because I’ve given up all hope (though my disposition based on previous posts may show slight indications).  No.  Some of it due to crazy work schedules, house stuff, and sweet sweet Netflix delivering a steady stream of Alias and 24.  Given that Season 6 of 24 is starting in January, we still have 4 1/2 days to catch up on the zany adventures of Jack Bauer.  But we were able to sneak in a movie last week.  We should have just stuck with a couple of episodes of 24.
Marie Antoinette:
Great cinematography.  Horrible movie.  She should have just called it, "Kirsten Dunst Last Weekend: A Documentary."  I’m pretty sure Chaplin’s Modern Times had more spoken dialogue than this movie.  Another one of those damn movies where you wait for the payoff, but it never
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