Oh boy

[editing note: This was saved as a draft back in January and I never hit publish.  So here it is.  Two months late.  I suck.]
Honeymooners: n/a
We shut it off after 5 minutes.  Not kidding.
Capturing the Friedmans:
Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson, and now the Friedmans.  Seriously.  Yet another example of the old adage "if you’re going through life recording stuff, then it’s going to bite you in the ass."  Note to the reader: if ever accused of anything in life (assault, sodomy, parking tickets, tasting the frosting off of a birthday cake), put the fucking camcorder down!!  However in this case, the movie would have sucked if it weren’t for their incredible stupidity in recording absolutely everything.  It was pretty eye opening on multiple levels.
X-Men III:
They should have stopped at II.  Suffered from the same symptoms as Jedi — tough to follow up a part 2 that was soooo gooood.  But at least Jedi had it’s merits (I mean the original one, not the crappy hacked up re-release with Hayden Christensen’s ghost).  I would have added an extra  if Niles made an appearance as Frasier’s page.
Pretty entertaining and wonderfully shot.  But I did like it better when it was called Full Metal Jacket. 
Who Killed the Electric Car:
This goddamn movie is now the evil devil on my left shoulder that’s telling me to buy a Prius instead of the Audi A3 that I (and the angel on my right shoulder) have always wanted.  Stupid environment!   
I don’t understand Jodi Foster’s movie decision making tree.  How does she show up one day speaking French in a kickass movie, and then as a silly crazed mom the next day?  And then shows up as another silly crazed mom a few days later?  I liked this movie when it was called Panic Room.  I was half hoping that either Wesley Snipes or Steven Segal would make an appearance, but that’s a 747 movie for another day.
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