Binging and Purging

I was first going to call this "Purging the Queue."  But since it’s been a while since I’ve posted reviews, there was a lot that needed to be caught up on.  And after looking over the mess I had to list out, and we’ve been watching quite a lot, the title above seemed most appropriate.  Here’s the list of what we saw, some of which made me puke a little bit in my mouth.  This time, I’ll use Lightening Round notation.
The Departed:
Wicked good, Marty!  First movie in a loooong time that I didn’t taste bile.
The Illusionist:
Not bad.  It’s a shame the tricks were all CG (like every trick was CG).  I, too, could pull a rabbit out my ass if I spent some time in After Effects.  Though, um, I could probably do that without After Effects, too, so maybe that’s a bad example and I’ll shut up now. <awkward>
Everything Is Illuminated:
Premium story and filmmaking.
Mrs. Hendersen Presents:
Quite juggy, but felt little like a cheesy made for TV movie.  But with boobs.
Last Holiday:
Surprisingly entertaining.  Unsurprisingly implausible.
Rumor Has It:
One word: creepy.  Very very creepy.  Kostner’s looking old.
Stranger than Fiction:
If you can get past the incredible unreality that is the plot, it’s actually a pretty interesting and well acted.
Something New:
Same old stupid chick flick.
Lord of War:
Typical Nicholas Cage story and acting.  See Con-Air or Face Off for better examples.
The Weather Man:  
Atypical Nicholas Cage story and acting.  See the dirt stuck to the bottom of your shoe for a better example.
Get Rich or Die Tryin:
Poor and half-assed effort.  Yes, the contrapositive of the title sums it up.
Cute story.  For some reason, not as creepy as the Kostner movie above.  Ok, ok, yes, it was very creepy.
North Country:
Another eye opener.  Probably because I still know a few folks at work who might actually learn something from this movie.  Or was it eye opening because of the huge enormous dildo they wagged around in the cafeteria.  I don’t remember anymore…
Meh.  Showed pretty well how the Brian Jonestown Massacre is as crazy as the Dandy Warhols are pompous arrogant dicks.
The Squid and the Whale:
Another cute story, but ultimately not totally satisfying.  Sort of like eating a 3 Musketeers instead of a Snickers.
A History of Violence:
Entertaining but very silly.  Watch this if you want a medicre dumb movie where you don’t need to think.  The filmmakers certainly didn’t.
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