April Showers

Well, I found out that someone else actually reads this blog (hi Steve!).  So that brings the count up to a whopping 4 people!  Now I feel somewhat obliged to post something.  And since I seemed to have skipped the April addition of movies, here they are.  A common theme throughout these movies was that most of these movies were sloooow.  Action movie?  Slow.  Oooh a thriller.  Slow.  It was like an April Golden Shower of films.  And I don’t mean in that golden Oscar sort of way.
16 Blocks:
Rubbish.  I’m all for action packed implausible movies, but this was ridiculous.  Christ, they could have taken any one of a thousand crazy taxis and made it to their destination in minutes — and would it have saved me 2 hours.
You, Me and Dupree:
Meh.  It was cute.  The periodic eye candy kept me interested (and I don’t mean Owen Wilson’s ass).
The Great New Wonderful:
A boring disparate set of stories that never came together.  Weak character development.  They really shot themselves in the foot naming this piece of shit.
This was actually pretty slow with a lot of boring parts.  I can’t imagine how a child or someone with a short attention span could sit through this.  The story was cute and the animation was, of course, fantastic.  And of course, Jeremy Piven played an agent.
The Sentinel:
It took a good hour to figure out who exactly was the protagonist in this movie.  Oh Kiefer, why oh why did you do this movie?
Lucky Number Slevin:
Ok, good ending.  Bad everything else.  This quite possibly the most boring and slow "thrillers" I have ever seen.
Keeping Up with the Steins:
Cute movie, but I found it a little mesuggina.  I guess Jeremy Piven is officially type-cast as the agent.
United 93:
Very interesting account of the events of Flight 93.  Honestly not quite sure what else to say.
A Prarie Home Companion:
Holy cow, what a piece of crap.  I hate the radio show.  Putting a face to the sounds did not make it any better for me.
An Inconvenient Truth:
I bought a Prius 3 days ago.  Nuff Said.  Any questions?
Failure to Launch:
Pathetic.  Predictable.  Flaccid.
Slooooowwwwww.  I guess that’s why it got an Oscar.
One of better Woody Allen movies.  Not nearly as shitty as Match Point (oh that sucked).  Still a boring piece of shit though.  Perhaps a scoop of shit, if you will.
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