Dumb and Dumber

We had a pretty busy weekend.  What with a day trip to Montauk and hauling 5 cubic yds of mulch around our yard (though not at the same time), we found the time to take a much needed break to see some movies.  Though it seems that the two movies with "and" in the title made me want to haul another three or four cubic yds.
Catch and Release:
Are Jennifer Garner and Kevin Smith really hurting that bad for some acting experience?  Really?  Boring.
Music and Lyrics:
For those 3 people who read this blog (and the one who hit this accidentally somehow, probably looking for porn) would notice that I’ve seen a lot of Hugh Grant movies.  Guilty pleasure?  Perhaps.  There was really nothing pleasurable about this movie though.  Filled with lots of awkward silence, crappy editing, crappy dialog (mostly one liners), this pretty left me singing and dancing straight to the toilet.
Flags of Our Fathers:
Not too shabby.  Not great, but good.  Can’t wait to see Letters of Iwo Jima next.
The Holiday:
Surprisingly entertaining.  Jack Black sort of acted like he had a stick up his ass the whole time.  Not really his best performance.  And the whole relationship between him and Brit wasn’t really written well.  It was nice to see Jude Law not play a total dick for once.
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