Good Vacation != Good Movies

We had a rockin trip to Provincetown, MA the week of Memorial Day.  Let’s just say that it was "fabulous."  We had lobster rolls everyday.  It don’t git much betta.  So relaxing.  So beautiful.  And such crappy movies…
Shrek 3:
Not enough kitty.  Not enough funny.  The coolest thing about this movie was that we saw it in an old skool drive-in theater.
Pirates of the Caribbean 3:
Arrgh, this movie be blaahhhrg matey.  I think I subconciously mumbled "parlay" for someone, somewhere, to give me mercy.  Not nearly as horrible as Pirates 2 though.  At least there’s that.
The Prestige:
Overall, this was actually a pretty good story.  But when you try to base a story on reality and use real people and places in history, you can’t just fuckin throw in teleportation into the mix and call it good.  C’mon.  If you don’t know who Tesla this, then you’re an idiot, but at least you might enjoy the movie a little better.
The Waitress:
Surprisingly really good.  Great story (and no teleportation to ruin it), good acting.  Charming film all around.
Because I Said So:
Boring.  I’m sorry, but those kids are a little too open with their mom.  Kinda creepy.  Ok, very creepy.
The King:  
Seriously, you call a character Elvis, talk about how it’s about a person named Elvis coming back from the war, and then call the movie The King, but then *don’t* actually have it about Elvis Presley?  Seriously.  If you can get past that, the movie can be summed up in word word: WTF.  Here’s a few more words: stupid ass piece of crap.  And more: bad acting, bad story — I think I just puked a little in my mouth thinking about this movie again.
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1 Response to Good Vacation != Good Movies

  1. Steve says:

    haha awesome summary of the movies, I agree on all that I’ve seen but The Prestige, I kinda liked the teleportation, but yeah for sure the plot didn’t call for it.

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