Well, we’ve been back from our vacation for a couple of weeks and let me say that the vacation is *over*.  Here’s the latest heap of poop:
The Queen:
Good, in that made for TV sort of way.  Pretty low production values.  Great acting by the Queen.  It was pretty interesting to see how involved Tony Blair was in the whole incident.  They might as well of named it The Prime Minister.  Though it would be less fun to say hellloooooooo!
Night at the Museum:
Cute, in that 8 year old sort of way.  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect going into this situation.  Not Ben Stiller’s best work, but not his worst either.
Bad, in that shitty musical sort of way.  Musicals usually don’t do it for me.  I think Jake Gyllenhall’s version on Saturday Night Live was much more enjoyable.  Expect to have Eddie Murphy’s shitty crappy hit "Party All the Time" stuck in your head for a while after seeing this.
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