Finally, some entertainment!

It’s been a while since we’ve gone to the theater to see movies.  And finally we saw a few films that didn’t seem like a complete waste of time and money.

Transformers: smile_baringteethsmile_baringteethsmile_baringteeth
This is quite possibly the best robots-turning-into-cars movie I’ve ever seen.  Though I will say this: Worst. Story. Ever.  This flick (and I use the term "flick" loosely) was pure eye candy – humans and machine alike.  If you do decide to go watch this, I recommend bringing along an MP3 player and listening to that instead of the horrendous dialog and story.  Don’t worry, the explosions will be loud enough.

Live Free or Die Hard: smile_baringteethsmile_baringteeth
Another good action flick with cheesy dialog and storyline.  I miss Hans.

Catch a Fire: smile_baringteeth
Not good. Pretty boring. The intent and story had total potential, but execution was lacking.

Children of Men: smile_baringteethsmile_baringteethsmile_sniff
Not bad.  Not great.  Sort of had that Blade Runner sort of feel, but with a crappier storyline.  I really liked the way they subtly mixed in the new technology elements into the environment which made it a bit more believable.  I’m guessing there’s no need for rubbers in that world…

Running with Scissors: smile_sick
What a piece of crap.  I wanted to ram a pair of scissors in my skull after this.

Sherrybaby: smile_sick
If you want to see a horrible movie with horrible dialog and a horrible storyline but with lots and lots of naked Maggie Gyllenhall, then this movie is for you.

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