Change In Direction

Seeing how I haven’t posted anything in 2 years, and seeing how there’s only 2 of you who actually looked at this, I’m going to change the intent of this blog.  If you’re looking for the old list of wiseass movie reviews, the list is still available for your viewing pleasure.  I’m going to start using this blog as spot to keep track of my progress on a new project using my new Arduino microcontroller.  This will be a place that I’ll mostly be using myself for notes, code, problems I’ve run into and solutions.
After reading Make magazine for a little over a year now, and seeing all of the projects people have built with Arduinos, AVRs, and PICs, I figured, "Hmm, I want to get me some of that."  I did a little digging and it looked like the Arduino had a huge community with lots of sample code available and a pretty low cost of entry.  But what should I build?  Here’s what I came up with:
The Project: Using a microcontroller, light up a Munny with an LED based on your Office Communicator status. 
Yes, this will pretty much amount to yet another ambient orb project.  Whatever, at least this will be somewhat useful.  I figure that this will generally be a pretty trivial project, however it will probably take several months for me to get anything done (Baby time trumps hobby time, but that’s fine by me Smile).  And there’s plenty of code for me to borrow out there.
So as I make progress I’ll post pictures on flickr and link from here, publish code here (and eventually post to CodePlex), and put up schematics somewhere.  I’ve actually made a bunch of progress already, so there may be a flurry of initial activity and then die off for a while, hopefully not for another 2 years.
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