Prototype Now on CodePlex

Short post: I’ve been pretty busy over the last month with life stuff, so I didn’t get a whole hell of a lot of time to play with the project.  Ironically, a few days after my last post, I completed a working prototype of a WPF app that uses the Office Communicator SDK to hook into the OnMyStatusChange event to change colors in my app and spit out the color code over the serial port to the Arduino.  All of the code is up on CodePlex at
In my next post, I will vow to:
1. put pictures up on Flickr
2. post a video of the LED changing pretty colors
3. give a short explanation of the cheesy WPF app I whipped up
The next steps in the project will be to clean up the WPF app (get rid of the goofy test buttons and add a nice reflection via stackpanel), have some XML config for serializing settings, add a dropdown to make the COM port selectable (and maybe even whip up some code to make it auto detect the right port), and make it a systray app.
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