Yaam v0.9 – Mostly Done. Mooostly.

Here’s a quick post because some people were asking about how this was built.  Simply put, time has been short.  After spending 20-30min every couple of weeks and chipping away, I finally hunkered down last week and “finished” the hardware.  It’s in quotes because it’s not exactly the way I wanted to do it.  I really wanted to light both the head and the belly, but I managed to break a pin off the RJ45 connector because I’m an idiot.  Regardless, I’m pretty happy with the way that it turned out.  The payoff came when I brought it into work, hooked it up to my machine, and it just worked.  Whenever my OCS status changed, the Munny lit up appropriately.  Rock.

Besides the Munny and Arduino (duh), here’s the final parts list:

I’ll do another post in the next week or two with instructions.  For now, check out the pictures on Flickr.

The WPF app has been mostly untouched.  That is the next step in completing this.  In parallel, I’m going to plan on rebuilding this project using an ATTINY461 chip.  Time to bone up on some AVR C…

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