With MakerFaire NY coming up and some shit going on at work, I’m starting to get some inspiration for building something new.  I have a couple of projects going on in my head that I hope to blog about more regularly.  

One project is create a knitting based Windows Phone 7 app for my wife; but I’m still trying to wrap my head around Silverlight and figure out a spec for the app.  The other idea is to resurrect Yaam, but rebuild it with using a Netduino.  My Arduino based Yaam has been running flawlessly in my office for over a year now – as my OCS status changes, so does the Munny in my window instantly.  After seeing Netduino show up in the MakerShed recently, I got interested.  I’ve done some reading about the GHI’s FEZ boards, which looked really promising.  But at half the price, it seemed that Netduino was the way to go for me.  And from a recent Hanselminutes, where Scott interviewed Colin Miller from the .NETMF team, they talked a lot about the Netduino and didn’t mention the FEZ at all (which was a bit surprising since FEZ has been available for a lot longer).  That sort of sealed the deal for me.

The Netduino is on order and should be coming this week or next.  Makerfaire is this Saturday, and I’ll need to pick up some more supplies for the project. This time, I’ll be using kidrobot’s Trikky (instead of the traditional Munny).  Anyone who knows me (i.e. the two of you who are reading this now) know that I’m a sucker for kittehs.  I hope to get both the head and belly glowing this time (hopefully I won’t fuck up a pin again).  This might prove to be intesting as I could potentially have different colors sent to each LED. Let’s see how ambitious I am.

So stay tuned. Hopefully I’ll have time to work on this and better document my steps along the way (yes, with pictures!).  Or this will be yet another colossal failure and you won’t see a post for yet another year.

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