Starting Yaam.NET – Drilling the Trikky

TrikkyWith v2 of Yaam, I’ll be using a Trikky from kidrobot. Yes, I’m a sucker for kittehs, so it was only appropriate that I light up a Trikky for this project.  One of the difficulties I had with v1 was properly fitting a RJ45 jack into the Munny.  The hole was a bit difficult causing the jack to not fit right.  It also proved to be difficult to shove it with the LED wires properly without breaking a pin or (which I did).  My friend, Jeff, suggested that I just attach the Trikky directly to the Altoids tin and just wire everything through a foot.  Brilliant!  So step 1: drill some holes.

First, I drilled the holes in the head and neck with a 3/8″ bit.  This allows for plenty of room for the LEDs and wires, while still allowing the neck to tightly snap into the head.

Yaam v.2 Drilled

For the foot, I drilled a 3/8″ hole in one foot, while making a tiny pilot hole in the other.

Yaam v.2 Drilled Foot

The pilot hole is meant for securing the Trikky directly to the Altoids tin with a small screw.

This should now make it a lot easier to have 2 RGB LEDs in the Trikky and have all wires neatly in one spot.

Next steps:

  • Write the code for the Netduino (i.e. port from Arduino)
  • Wire up the LEDs in the Trikky and to the Netduino
  • Update Yaam WPF code to work with Microsoft Lync
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