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Woot-Off Detector StreamReader Bug

So today was a Woot-Off.  The detector sort of worked – when I plugged it in, it quickly detected and turned on the lights.  However, after a new product it completely stopped working and was throwing IndexOutOfRange and OutOfMemory exceptions.  Turned … Continue reading


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#netduino Woot-Off Detector Works!

There always comes a time when you repeatedly smack your head against the wall trying to solve a problem, and the answer is so trivial that you want to poke yourself in the eye afterwards. In the previous post(s), I … Continue reading

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#netduino Woot-Off Detector (quick update) – NPN transistors

After talking it over with a some folks from work, it looks like I can easily use the onboard 3.3V pin to the MOSFET and switch it on/off using an NPN transistor driven by digital PIN0.  Trivial fix.  Good thing … Continue reading

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Woot-Off Detector – Almost There

The Woot.NETMF project on Codeplex is now live! I pushed up my latest prototype code (sans System.Xml) and it’s mostly working. Mooostly. The code appears to be working fine; the hardware is not. It seems that I’m not getting enough … Continue reading

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System.Xml is too big for the Netduino

Just a quick post: System.Net + System.Xml == bad things for Netduino. After finishing my soldering and cutting out the Altoids tin to fit the Netduino and PCB (pictures will be up on Flickr this week), I was ready to … Continue reading

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New Project: Netduino Woot-Off Detector

At work, there’s a few Woot fanatics near my cube that get their panties in a tizzy when there’s a Woot-off, turning on their USB powered Woot lights getting all giddy.  But why physically turn on the lights when this … Continue reading

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Netduino Deployment Error: “DebugPort.GetDeviceProcess() called with no argument”

Ran into this issue tonight when trying to deploy some code to the Netduino Plus and found the solution on Summary: If you see “DebugPort.GetDeviceProcess() called with no argument” show up, then try to switch over to deploying to … Continue reading

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Yaam.NET Update – Set Backs

Two little set backs this evening. 1. I broke Trikky’s neck:  The neck has a small lip that allows you to snap the head on and off.  My particular Trikky had quite a tight fitting (the original Munny doesn’t seem … Continue reading

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