Yaam.NET Update – Set Backs

Two little set backs this evening.

1. I broke Trikky’s neck:  The neck has a small lip that allows you to snap the head on and off.  My particular Trikky had quite a tight fitting (the original Munny doesn’t seem to be nearly as tight).  I guess the tightness in combination with my drilling in combination with my sheer prowess was just enough to make it crack.  The good news: I can just super glue it.  The bad news, I won’t be able to turn it’s head.  No biggie.

2. The Netduino doesn’t support serial communication via USB (yet): According to a forum post, the Netduino doesn’t natively support serial communication throught the USB like the Arduino can.  For now, this means that I can’t do a straight port of my code unless I use FTDI. 

If there’s still a big delay in getting the USB to work, I think I’ll start looking into how to update either my OCS status or Messenger status via ethernet using my Netduino Plus. 

In other news, it looks like I need 2 1Ω resistors each for the blue and green pins and a 68Ω resisitor for the red pin of my RGB LED.  I picked up some RL5-RGB-D LEDs from superbrightleds.com.  The nice thing about the -D is that it  already comes diffused for the same price.  Saves me a little sanding.

Next steps in the project:

  • Start wiring the LEDs within the Trikky
  • Super glue the Trikky head onto the body 😦
  • Figure out how to use the Netduino Plus ethernet
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