Woot-Off Detector – Almost There

The Woot.NETMF project on Codeplex is now live! I pushed up my latest prototype code (sans System.Xml) and it’s mostly working. Mooostly. The code appears to be working fine; the hardware is not. It seems that I’m not getting enough voltage from the digital pins to close the connection on the MOSFET. When I attach my gate to Pin0 and Write(true), nothing happens. A multimeter is showing only 1.7V on that pin when high.  I tested my circuit out by connecting the gate straight to the onboard  3.3V pin and the lights work fine. Why would I be getting only 1.7V on the digital pins? Time to hit the forums.

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1 Response to Woot-Off Detector – Almost There

  1. Jeff Z says:

    Nice work! Here is a simulator that may help find the problem. http://www.falstad.com/circuit/

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