Parts List for Netduino Woot-Off Detector

Here’s the final parts list for the Woot Off Detector:

  1. Netduino Plus
  2. Woot lights, probably from a “Bag of Crap” that you or a friend ordered from 
  3. USB Type A jack (Digi-Key part #151-1080-ND)
  4. STP36NF06L N-Channel MOSFET (Digi-Key part #497-7522-5-ND)
  5. 10KΩ resistor
  6. Small Protoboard (SparkFun SKU: PRT-08808)
  7. Altoids tin


Netduino Woot-Off Detector Schematic

Netduino Woot-Off Detector Schematic



  1. Wire the MOSFET, USB, and resistor as shown in the schematic.  An annotated closeup of my [crappy] soldering job can be found here.  Just mouse over the picture to see what the connections refer to.  Be sure to solder the USB jack in such a way that it’s firm and stable on the protoboard.
  2. Solder wires about 1.5″ – 2″ long for the +5v, GND, and Digital Pin0 connections to the Netduino.
  3. For the Altoids tin, use snippers to make holes for the Ethernet and power jack on one side, and for the USB on the other side.  Optionally, you could make a hole for the mini USB to make debugging easier, but I chose not to.
  4. Download the source code for the device at  If you plan to run the device behind a firewall, you’ll need to modify the code to specify a proxy server and credentials in your WebRequest object.  Also, make sure to use MFDeploy.exe to configure the network on the Netduino Plus (i.e. DHCP/Static IP, etc).
  5. Place the Netduino Plus into the Altoids tin.  Plug the wires from the protoboard into the correct +5v, GND, and Digital Pin0 headers on the Netduino Plus.  You may need to move things a bit in the tin to allow the protoboard to sit on top of the Netduino Plus, but not press down on the onboard switch.  You may need to bend your MOSFET slightly.  Here’s a picture of my layout:
  6. Plug in the Ethernet, power, and Woot lights into the USB.
  7. Wait for a Woot Off.


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