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Observer Pattern in C# Revisited

In the last post, @jerry made some good comments for cleaning up “visual noise”. The code below fixes that and also removes the delegate: The delegate is not actually needed due to the EventHandler<T> delegate in the CLR. Saves a … Continue reading

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Head First Design Patterns – Observer Pattern Using C#

I started re-reading (re-skimming?) Head First Design Patterns this evening to refresh my memory, but got stuck on the first chapter.  Not because I didn’t get the content, but rather I really wanted to see the examples in C#.  First, for … Continue reading

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Yaam Code Updated for #netduino

Quick post: The Yaam project on CodePlex now has Netduino code. Well, moostly. I changed the code to use 2 LEDs, which means a breaking change for the serial port payload. The WPF app has not yet been updated, but … Continue reading

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