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Implementing Staging and Production “Slot Swaps” with Azure Container Apps

A complete example for implementing this slot swap behavior is available at Please check it out and feel free to open an issue/PR for feedback. As a long time user of Azure App Services for app deployments, I’ve gotten … Continue reading

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Powershell 101: Using Custom Powershell Objects for JSON Requests

For our blue/green deployments in Octopus Deploy, we created some custom Powershell cmdlets to talk to our A10 Thunder load balancer. The cool thing about our cmdlets is that it uses the A10’s nicely documented REST APIs to manipulate all … Continue reading

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Previewing Octopus web.config Transforms Via Offline Package Drops

  We Octopus Deploy at Mimeo. Lately, we’ve been doing a LOT of deployments with Octopus as teams migrate their apps off of our old fragile homebrew deployment system. The migration has allowed teams to cleanup years of questionable deployment … Continue reading

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Fixing “Stuck” Downloads in the Comixology Windows App

The Comixology Windows app is an unfortunate disaster. What started off as a nice offline reader for the Comixology library has suffered from lack of any new features (like simple organization of owned content), and worse, serious regressions in functionality. … Continue reading

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I Didn’t Mean to Break It, Really. :(

Some people feel that the tester’s job is to break software, whereas the developer’s job for performing testing activities is to make sure software works. This dichotomy, or disconnect, can sometimes be fun. Like yesterday… At, our ability to … Continue reading

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Herding Unikitties

Coaching kids is hard. I mean, really hard. Last week, I had the awesome opportunity to be a coach for the first time. I’m coaching my son’s Junior FIRST LEGO League team. I’ve never coached kids for anything before. Sure, … Continue reading

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Oh snap – I denied “Everyone” permissions from my MSMQ

Yeah, so in a brilliant move today, an MSMQ on my QA box was accidentally destroyed maliciously when I set Deny permissions for “Everyone”. Oops. Luckily this StackOverflow response from user Houman saved my ass. Simply navigate to C:\Windows\System32\msmq\storage\lqs and … Continue reading

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Inspiration in Everyday Things

I was lucky enough to attend CAST 2014 last week. CAST is a wonderful conference bringing some of great minds of the testing community together under one roof. Michael Larson has great summaries of the two day conference on his … Continue reading

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AppFabric v1.1 Installer Hates You

[Blogging this because we’ve hit this a few times at work in the past 3 months] If all attempts for installing AppFabric v1.1 fail with the ever helpful 1603, look in your %TEMP%\AppServerSetup1_1_CustomActions(datestring).log file [where datestring is the last time … Continue reading

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Better Workaround for AppFabric Cache’s Tracing Hatred

As a follow up from my last post, here’s a simple extension method to forcibly restore the default trace listener every time you invoke an AppFabric Caching Administration Management cmdlet. It’s not the prettiest code, but it’s functional: This file … Continue reading

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