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Implementing Staging and Production “Slot Swaps” with Azure Container Apps

A complete example for implementing this slot swap behavior is available at Please check it out and feel free to open an issue/PR for feedback. As a long time user of Azure App Services for app deployments, I’ve gotten … Continue reading

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Fixing “Stuck” Downloads in the Comixology Windows App

The Comixology Windows app is an unfortunate disaster. What started off as a nice offline reader for the Comixology library has suffered from lack of any new features (like simple organization of owned content), and worse, serious regressions in functionality. … Continue reading

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Herding Unikitties

Coaching kids is hard. I mean, really hard. Last week, I had the awesome opportunity to be a coach for the first time. I’m coaching my son’s Junior FIRST LEGO League team. I’ve never coached kids for anything before. Sure, … Continue reading

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Turning Off a Nightlight with a 555 Timer

Several months ago, my sister gave my 4 year old son this simple little dragonfly nightlight. It has an RGB LED running off of two coin cell batteries that just slowly cycles through all the colors. Simple and effective – … Continue reading

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Halloween Robot Costume

It was a very strange Halloween this year. Sandy wreaked havoc across the region and many left without basic necessities like power, food, and gas. We were left without power for 6 days (this draft was originally written on day … Continue reading

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Pin the Heart on the Robot

“I WANT ROBOTS”   My son is the middle of transitioning from the firefighter phase to the new robots phase.  Everything up until a few weeks ago was firefighters firefighter firefighters.  Now, it’s all about robots.  So for his upcoming … Continue reading

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#netduino Woot-Off Detector Works!

There always comes a time when you repeatedly smack your head against the wall trying to solve a problem, and the answer is so trivial that you want to poke yourself in the eye afterwards. In the previous post(s), I … Continue reading

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System.Xml is too big for the Netduino

Just a quick post: System.Net + System.Xml == bad things for Netduino. After finishing my soldering and cutting out the Altoids tin to fit the Netduino and PCB (pictures will be up on Flickr this week), I was ready to … Continue reading

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New Project: Netduino Woot-Off Detector

At work, there’s a few Woot fanatics near my cube that get their panties in a tizzy when there’s a Woot-off, turning on their USB powered Woot lights getting all giddy.  But why physically turn on the lights when this … Continue reading

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Yaam.NET Update – Set Backs

Two little set backs this evening. 1. I broke Trikky’s neck:  The neck has a small lip that allows you to snap the head on and off.  My particular Trikky had quite a tight fitting (the original Munny doesn’t seem … Continue reading

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