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Better Workaround for AppFabric Cache’s Tracing Hatred

As a follow up from my last post, here’s a simple extension method to forcibly restore the default trace listener every time you invoke an AppFabric Caching Administration Management cmdlet. It’s not the prettiest code, but it’s functional: This file … Continue reading

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AppFabric DataCacheServerLogManager Hates Your Trace.WriteLines

I like to fill my test code with TONS of logging. I log damn near everything because I hate it when the team has to waste time answering, “Can you get me a repro?” when we can just peruse the … Continue reading

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Using UISpy to Handle the Windows Security Dialog in Windows 7

In the previous post, I gave a solution for automating the dreaded “Windows Security” dialog in IE using UIAutomation. Reader Ven left this comment: “Hey, This is exactly what I’ve been looking for, but when I seem to run it … Continue reading

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Automating the “Windows Security” Dialog with UIAutomation

I decided to finally learn some Selenium in order to test an internal Line of Business (LOB) web application. After a quick crash course on Selenium automation, I got a prototype for my test initialization working, but quickly hit this: … Continue reading

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