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AppFabric v1.1 Installer Hates You

[Blogging this because we’ve hit this a few times at work in the past 3 months] If all attempts for installing AppFabric v1.1 fail with the ever helpful 1603, look in your %TEMP%\AppServerSetup1_1_CustomActions(datestring).log file [where datestring is the last time … Continue reading

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FusLogVw and ILDasm to the Rescue

I spent a bunch of time helping out one of my devs yesterday with a problem that arose from an absolutely trivial change. Isn’t that how all debugging sessions start? “It was a simple change, I don’t understand why these … Continue reading

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Netduino Deployment Error: “DebugPort.GetDeviceProcess() called with no argument”

Ran into this issue tonight when trying to deploy some code to the Netduino Plus and found the solution on http://www.ghielectronics.com/forum/index.php?topic=3035.0. Summary: If you see “DebugPort.GetDeviceProcess() called with no argument” show up, then try to switch over to deploying to … Continue reading

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