AppFabric v1.1 Installer Hates You

[Blogging this because we’ve hit this a few times at work in the past 3 months]

If all attempts for installing AppFabric v1.1 fail with the ever helpful 1603, look in your %TEMP%\AppServerSetup1_1_CustomActions(datestring).log file [where datestring is the last time you invoked the installer]. You may see a message like this:

6/23/2014 11:32:45 AM EXEPATH=C:\Windows\system32\\net.exe PARAMS=localgroup AS_Observers /comment:"Members of this group can observe AppFabric." /add LOGFILE=C:\Users\me\AppData\Local\Temp\AppServerSetup1_1_CustomActions(2014-06-23 11-32-31).log
Error: System error 1379 has occurred.
Error: The specified local group already exists.

Answer: Visit this StackOverflow answer: Basically, blow away the AS_Observers and AS_Administrators local groups. Then try to run the installer again.

Then go grab some ice and Tylenol. That past hour of slamming your head on your desk probably left a bruise.

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